Sunday, 26 September 2010

Fair Isle Rapids (2)

Fair Isle Rapids: 2.5 pattern repeats
Fair Isle Rapids: stranding on the back


  1. As you suggested in your profile, I've come to say hello! How funny, that you saw Paul and Nick at my opening but didn't speak to them, and you didn't speak to me either. You should have. (Maybe you did and I just didn't know it!) Mind you, there were friends there who came from far and wide and I neither spoke with them nor even saw them. Shameful really, but it was such a crowd. Well here I am now. Hello! Clive here.

  2. Hello Clive! I did come over to speak to you (you signed my copy of the monograph, as did Peter and Meri), but I'm not surprised that you didn't know/recognise me :) I'm actually very shy in public events and tend to hide away, lost in my own little world. I'm far more bold when it comes to the virtual... The opening was wondrous and exciting; it still makes me tingle. As does your work (your series of images of Kevin and the Blackbird are my favourites: utterly sublime!).