Saturday, 18 June 2011

Paper - Scissor - Solvent

More years ago than I care to recall, I used to be interested in quilling.  I was given a quilling set for my birthday, and I spent many a happy hour rolling, gluing and shaping these thin strips of multi-coloured paper.  However, living in the most rural part of rural Wales (which explains a lot about my interests) and those days being of the pre-internet age, it was impossible to replenish my supplies, so once the paper was gone, that was it.  My tools have languished in a toolbox for a couple of decades, but I've started to see a resurgence in paper craft of late, and thought there might be a way to combine my love of Japanese papers with more modern quilling.  I'm no longer interested in making quilling embellishments or cards (oh-so-80s! *shudder*) but I do like the idea of making paper beads and jewellery.  So I present my first quilling in mumble-mumble years...these are strips of paper from glossy magazines, which I'm testing before moving on to my more precious materials.  The next step will be to vary the shape of the strips.

Oh!  And as an added bonus, it turns out that they're excellent cat toys too.


  1. Brilliant! I remember quilling being an activity at Guides, and one of my friends got quite into it - making lots of floral greetings cards. I seem to remember owls were quite a good thing to quill too!
    I'm not too proud to say this must have been at least Twenty Five years ago - eeekkk!

  2. I'm trying not to think how long it's been...

    We really are re-entering the 80s, aren't we? ;)