Sunday, 19 June 2011


My intentions were excellent.  I was going to make a folk doll.  I was going to spin some wool.  I was going to dye some fibre.  It's funny how an encounter with a pigeon will put paid to one's plans for the weekend.

Ah well.  My logwood and cochineal dyes have arrived, as has the alum.  I've oiled and serviced my sewing machine.  I've ironed all my fabrics.  All good things, but not as good as actually making something. 

So have a picture of my stall at Musicfest's Strawberry Fayre, held a couple of weeks ago.  Just to prove that, occasionally, my weekends do go to plan.


  1. Hi Sarah, I just found your blog through stitching fingers. I am from wales too Port Talbot. I love your stall ,it looks great. I also do craft-fayres. I have just gone on to follow your blog. will you follow mine.Blessings. Maisie.

  2. Hello Maisie - it's very nice to meet you; thank you for stopping by! I've just started following your blog; I love your work - and I adore your clothes :) Cofion cynnes, Sara

  3. Hi my friend who was in a meeting with you gave me your blog adress..and so here I am!I Live in the Bangor area..its nice to meet you.Go on follow mine blog too .Im even doing a give away at the moment to try and drum up some viewers do spread the word.Lovely blog.Tara from cat

    1. Hello Cat - nice to meet you! I've been missing in action for a while, so I've only just seen your comment... But I'm back now, and I shall definitely follow your blog. Speak soon!