Saturday, 29 May 2010

Kidsilk Haze

Kidsilk Haze
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Another lovely find! I have tens of knitting and crochet books that I keep for inspiration; I don't necessarily want to make everything within them, but they often have tips about tricky yarns, interesting ways of combining techniques and beautiful colour arrangements that you might not normally consider.

I've been a bit fearful of using Rowan kidsilk haze because it's very fine and it sheds like crazy, but I really like its ethereal quality. I bought this book yesterday because it's had nothing but positive reviews (and I admit that I really like the colour of the mittens on the cover too!) and it's truly delicious. There's a section on using this yarn, on combining it with other yarns, and little tips that should make it a joy to use. And for once, I really, really want to make most of the items featured inside.

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