Friday, 13 August 2010

Capel Garmon natives

Capel Garmon natives
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I'm sure most of you know where I work from day-to-day, and although I'm not directly involved with any of our collections, I occasionally stumble across a gem that catches my eye, and makes me think about my crafting work. Here's one.

John Thomas was a photographer who travelled around Wales simply documenting what he saw. Capel Garmon isn't all that far from where I grew up in North Wales, but I associate it with an amazing burial chamber, rather than wool work. This photograph is arresting, though; there's a look of determination on each face, and you know that these women are industrious and hard-working. When I look at this photograph, I wonder whether they were producing wool and fabric for themselves and their families, or did they sell their products in the shop behind them? You can see bolts of fabric there, and a woven rug, so it's not impossible - but who knows?

There are a couple of other photographs that I want to share with you; sit back and enjoy!

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