Saturday, 7 August 2010

Saturday is light blue

Last month, I attended my first meeting of the Ceredigion Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, a society that meets once a month in Aberaeron. After buying my wheel, I knew within a couple of days that I wanted to join the Guild, as it's the best way that I'm going to learn the craft; my first meeting confirmed this as a good move. From the moment that I arrived, I was welcomed with enthusiasm, introduced to all the members, and showered with advice and encouragement.

The Guild is wonderful. The meetings are held in the Community Hall, which also houses the Guild's well-stocked library. There's a bring-and-buy stall (stocking plants, equipment and fleeces), as well as a bookstall, but the most important aspect is the cameraderie. I was invited to sit with the Joy spinners, and within no time I had a crowd of people clustering around me, just saying hello and inspecting my work (in nothing but a friendly way, of course). I felt as though I was fitting in straight away, and, my confidence bolstered, I decided to move onto some more adventurous spinning when I got home. This photo is the product of the next day's work.

Not only that, but I was amazed at the variety of skills and talents that surround me here in Ceredigion. Rural crafts really are alive - nay thriving - and that's such an inspiration.

The next Guild meeting will be held next Saturday, when we'll be visiting the National Wool Museum, a place that I love very much: I can't wait!

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