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Blueberry Angoras

Blueberry Angoras
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The idea of spending Friday in Pembrokeshire, my favourite county, had begun formulating earlier in the week when I'd found out that Blueberry Angoras is located right on the border with Ceredigion, about an hour's drive away. I'd been getting my head clear about buying a spinning wheel, and although their website has no information about prices, I thought it would be a good idea to go along, meet the people, and ask about wheels and courses. And, more to the point, they're in Pembrokeshire. 'Nuff said.

The welcome we received was warm, and unexpected. As soon as I stepped through the door, Sylvia flicked the kettle on, and sat me down to talk about wheels and looms. Before I knew it, she'd set up a Joy wheel for me, and started me spinning, and within 10 minutes she had me plying a sample of yarn; I was so thrilled!

And I discovered something astonishing. When I was at Wonderwool Wales a couple of months ago, the first thing that I saw when I entered the building was a lady sitting in the coffee area, spinning some wool. She looked so content that I went over to talk to her - don't ask me why; it's not something that I'd normally do, and I certainly knew nothing about spinning at that point. She explained to me that she'd bought the wheel as a present for herself, and I remarked that it looked like such a joy to use - and she exclaimed, "That's what it's called!" I was invited to try it, but I was so scared that I'd mess up her beautiful work that I declined, and was happy to just watch her instead. This was the moment that I decided that I had to learn to spin. And Sylvia told me that she knew who this woman was, and that she'd bought the wheel from her that weekend: small world...

Having decided that I was going to buy a Joy, Sylvia then showed me how to card some wool, and explained about the different looms that she has, and I've promised to go back for a weaving lesson. And I really couldn't resist buying some angora whilst I was there, and decided on some glorious raspberry and heather yarn.

This was such a wonderful experience. Sylvia was very patient and generous with her time, and I would have been completely lost without her help. I can't wait to go back!

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